Our Expertise

Apophis Engineering and Design Services (ER&D) is the driver for our Engineering Services portfolio. ER&D facilitate over 500 clients across multiple industries / verticals with a platform to innovate and engineer products, platforms and technologies at scale. This platform of services offerings combines the maturity of engineering processes, the passion for latest technology and the access to a diverse ecosystem to deliver value to customers at various stages of the product or platform life cycle. This is termed as “Engineering NXT” by Apophis.

What We Do

Hardware and Embedded Systems

Connect with the future

Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Building tomorrow’s mobility and autonomy, today

Navigating disruption with EngineeringNXT

Product Software and Software Services

Catalyzing tomorrow’s business models

Internet of things

Creating human shaped experiences at the intersection of design, strategy and technology

Apophis Drive-By-Wire Solutions

Meeting Your Unique Requirements for Autonomous Vehicles Development

Transforming Healthcare with Autonomous Technologies

Deliver Next-Generation Treatments with Wipro-Led Robotics Solutions

Electrification - Powered by next gen engineering solutions

Building next generation engineering solutions for battery electric vehicles



Banking & Finance

Energy and Utilities

Industrial Manufacturing

Compute and Storage

Media and Entertainment

Healthcare and Lifesciences

Aerospace and Defense

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