Digital Operations Platform

A Digital Operations Platform brings together B2B back-office operations and unifies them into a single view. It gives your business what it needs most: a space in which operations are streamlined, in which your employees can work together, and which allows for great customer experiences.

A Central Platform for all Teams
Having a DOP in place gives your teams one central place to handle the operations they are responsible for. For example, your sales team will be able to manage sales from multiple channels, both online and offline – your warehouse managers will be able to follow and manage each inventory mutation – and your customer service team will have insights into information such as order statuses and previous communications.

In this way, your teams have a very efficient way to not only do their own jobs the best way possible but can also work together in a single system. On top of that, information does not have to be manually transferred between systems, decreasing the chance of manual errors.

Data-driven Decisions
Having a centralized platform in place means data silos between different business units are reduced. This creates many new opportunities for automating business-wide operations. Use sales info to decide about product pricing, see how sales channels are performing, adapt marketing strategies, and forecast inventory mutations based on trends. Remove the guesswork and grow stronger data-driven business strategies.

An Optimal Customer Experience
When we look at B2B buyers in 2020, we know that they expect an easy seamless experience, no matter the channel they use to buy their products. A good DOP will be key to optimizing your customer experience. As DOP’s bring together data streams they allow for optimizing processes such as:

Complex order workflows
Order tracking
Click-and-Collect – BOPIS
Customer service
These will help you form better relationships with your customers and give them all the services they expect from a modern-day B2B business.

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