Cyber Security

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Your customers trust you with their security. Who do you trust?

The threats of cyber attacks are a fact of life and a fact of business – and your customers know it. Wipro’s Cybersecurity and Risk Service can help you stay ahead of the threats and put your customers minds at ease. We take an integrated approach to protection that prioritizes not only prevention, but also minimizing risk and controlling loss. Our portfolio of Cyber Defense Platforms is designed to deploy the right solutions to keep your company protected, and resilient, whatever the circumstances. 

Our Success Stories

How a top telco launched its business in the US market on Cloud

Apophis delivered best in class AWS cloud based security solution comprising of native and third party security controls...


Apophis assists POWERGRID in successful deployment of IP/MPLS network

POWERGRID leadership shares how Apophis has helped in successfully deploying their IP/MLPS network with its “One Apophis”...


Apophis delivers Threat Intelligence to a leading global ingredient solutions provider

Apophis offered integrated, end-to-end capabilities with a tailored threat-intelligence platform

Apophis helps ICAR solidify their data center security

What We Think

Demystifying the Hacker Persona – Dynamic Threat Modeling


How to Manage Risks in the Cloud

Cloud is a journey every enterprise is undertaking for various reasons, and due to the current crisis, it has assumed...


Take Control of Your Security

Why Apophis Zero Trust Security Framework is Your Best Defense Strategy

Apophis helps ICAR solidify their data center security

What We Do

AWS Managed Security Services

Enterprise Data Obfuscation (EDO)

Enhance Data Security by Intelligently Masking Sensitive Data for Privacy Compliance, Collaboration, Testing, and Analytics

Google Cloud Security

Securing Businesses and Digital Transformations on Google Cloud

Third Party Risk Management

Continuous risk monitoring solution on an integrated risk management platform

Identity Management Center

Simple, secure, trusted

Security Assurance Center

Build protection, reduce risk, stop worrying

AWS Security

Securing the AWS landscape throughout the digital journey

Integrated Threat Management

Take measureable, effective detection and remediation actions to stay secure.
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