Business Plan

A Business Plan is a guide, or a guide for your business.

You start at ‘A’, today, with specific assets and capacities. You need to get to ‘B’, a point later on (for the most part 3 to 5 years down the line) at which time your business will have an alternate arrangement of assets and capacities alongside more prominent productivity and expanded resources. Your arrangement basically portrays how you will get from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

With clearness on the nitty gritties of the business, it turns into substantially more straightforward to set out the future strategy, and a Business plan, does that and then some. It is a central apparatus for understanding the hierarchical structure, the market, industry, rivalries, and so forth

The arrangement we make at Apophis, would shift from business to business, it is unmistakably expected to be tweaked by your particular association yet there are sure normal ascribes that each Business Plan should contain:

Executive Summary - A snapshot of your business, an overview of the Business Model

Problem Statement and Challenges faced by consumers

Background Description - what the company does.

Detailed breakdown of the services and the products provided

Target Audience

Pricing Model

Organization Structure

Key performance indicators for the success of the business

Market Analysis - to understand the market that the firm operates in, its opportunities and challenges

Competitive Analysis - to get an overview of the current and future of the competition in the market and how it affects the firm

Go To Market Strategy – Sales & Marketing

SWOT Analysis

Financial Plan & Funding Required – Revenue Projections and Fund Utilization

Exit or Succession Plan

Risk Factors - internal as well as external risks faced by the firm


Pitching your business to investors for funding

Seeking a loan from banks

Looking for opportunities for a partnership or a joint venture

Making some major organizational modifications

Taking major Capex decisions

Evaluate future growth

A lot of the times when companies try to formulate Business Plans by themselves they tend to miss out on the details which can cost them important opportunities. That's is when Apophis enters into the picture. We carry out all the necessary procedures and research necessary to create a comprehensive Business Plan.

Irrespective of the stage you are at in your business, a Business Plan is the tool that will act as a helping hand and serve multiple functions.

At Apophis, we put in the necessary time and effort needed to create an extensive business plan that provides you with insight into your business.

Apophis renders services in drafting the business plan according to your firm specifics.

Why choose Apophis?

Our Experience

We have advised more than 1000 SMEs &Startups for preparation of their Business Plans during the fundraising process 

Our Expert Advice & Recommendations

We shall not only assist you with the preparation of the Business Plan but also advise you on business model changes needed such that we pitch it right to investors 

Our Highly Affordable Pricing

Our in house team of experts and advisors will help you in the preparation of a high-end pitch deck at very competitive pricing in the market 

To understand what procedure we follow in formulating a business plan and how it may be beneficial for your company in specific, write to us at

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